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    2. Truesense Imaging Web Site and Device Characterization Maps


      May 16, 2012
      To our Valued Customers:
      Today, Truesense Imaging launched our new corporate website at truesenseimaging.com. This website, which more appropriately reflects our status as an independent company, was designed to serve you better by enhancing the information available on our products, helping you select the most suitable image sensor device for your needs.
      As part of our new design, a Customer Portal has been added to the web site. This section contains ordering and RMA forms, as well as access to the device characterization mapping database currently available from https://chemquality.kodak.com/iss. Access to the Customer Portal requires registration, which can be done from the “Register” link at the top of each page on the site. After your registration information is verified by Truesense Imaging customer service, your account will be linked to your company information and then activated.
      Please note that the information in the device characterization mapping database is being rebranded to reflect our status as an independent company. While this was done in a manner designed to minimize changes to the file format, if you are currently parsing information from this database the branding change may require a slight modification to your code. To help with this change, a transition period has been put in place during which defect maps will be available on the legacy site (in the current format) for production use, as well as the new site (in the updated format) for testing purposes.
      During the transition, the legacy database at https://chemquality.kodak.com/iss will continue to be updated daily with device characterization maps and shipment details, providing access to this information on the same schedule and in the same format as in the past. The new database at truesenseimaging.com will be updated weekly, providing an opportunity to review the changes being made to this file format and allowing you to test any code you may be using to parse this data for your internal systems. On June 18, 2012 the transition period will end – daily updates will be sent only to the database at www.truesenseimaging.com, and the legacy database at https://chemquality.kodak.com/iss will be discontinued.
      Device characterization maps with these branding changes are now available from your account at truesenseimaging.com. Once your account is active on the new site, please review these files to better understand the impact these changes may have on your production systems.
      We hope you find our newly designed web site helpful. If you have questions concerning the change to the web site or access to defect maps, please feel free to contact Truesense Imaging customer service at (585) 784-5500 or info@truesenseimaging.com.
      Truesense Imaging

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